Poppyverse is closed.

STAGE 3 has decided to stop the work and operation of Poppyverse with immediate effect.

It is not sustainable for one person to operate Poppyverse alone.

For an online community for this topic, it would open opportunities for vulnerabilities we never would have imagined at the outset. Especially privacy taken into account.

The main focus is security and a good product.

Poppyverse would never become a great product in such a way.
The development of Poppyverse has been slow and too low.

If the opening of Poppyverse would have taken place, we would all end up using a website that only works as theatrical scenery.

The real work since, in terms of continually adjusted, updates, security enhancements, moderation, marketing, advertising, and trying to keep Poppyverse active at any given time would overdue.

Poppyverse would not earned what Poppyverse deserved.

We want to focus all our energy on entertainment in the form of video production. To do that, we have to sacrifice Poppyverse.

All further work continues on YouTube, starting 01/01/17.

Thanks for all your support and beta testing.

It was fun while it lasted.

- Stephanie Stepson